Persian Wedding Ceremony

Sofreh Aghd - Wedding Spread


Sofreh Aghd has roots in the Zoroastrian culture with over 3500 years of history, and it contains what is hoped and believed to be symbolic of newly married couple's life together. Main contents are:

•     A book of Significance – A holy book, or a book of Persian love poetry.

•     Mirror – To symbolize light and brightness into relationship.

•     Candelabra – To symbolize fire, energy, and light.

•     Water – To symbolize purity in life and happiness.

•     Colored Seeds “Esfand” - To protect the couple from the 'evil eye'.

•     Crystallized sugar – To symbolize sweet bonding.

•     Decorated Eggs - To symbolize fertility.

•     Decorated Nuts - To symbolize the mystery of marriage.

•     Golden Coins - To symbolize wealth and prosperity.

•     Fruit & Vegetables -  To symbolize health and sustainability.  

•     Bread or Cereal Grain – To symbolize everlasting feasts.

•     Pastries – To symbolize sweetness in life.

•     Rose Water - To symbolize a fragrance garden of healthy family.

•     Honey - To symbolize mutual nurturing.

•     Sugar cones – To be rubbed together over a piece of fine fabric that is held over the heads of the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony as a symbolic act to sweeten the couple's life together. This tradition also means that if ever there is conflict or friction between the husband and wife, may it lead to the sweetest reconciliation!